New Album - "Have Hope" Mixing Finished

Near the beginning of 2016, we began recording what would become our second full length album, "Have Hope". Today we are pleased to announce that we have completed the mixing on the record and have sent it to be mastered. With the help of our good friend and co-producer, Jason Ringlestetter, at Tonic Room Studios, we are ready to release the next step in the sonic evolution of Faded Leroy. "Have Hope" is 40 minutes of rollercoaster-type highs and lows, full of the dynamic range that Faded Leroy fans have come to love. There is enough crushing heaviness and dreamy atmospheres to satisfy even the pickiest of Leroids. The recording process has been an emotional journey for us and we are excited to share it with you. We will be announcing a release date as well as dates for an album release party soon. In the meantime, you can get your Leroy fix by catching us live on Sat. May 6, at the MayDay Micro Music Festival in Garden City, Idaho, where we will be raising funds for the Boise Hive and the Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline.