Primary Genre: Post Hardcore
Secondary Genre: Rock/Punk/Metal
Contact Email: fadedleroy@gmail.com
Website: fadedleroy.com

Artist Information

   Faded Leroy is a Boise-based post-hardcore band formed in 2012. They bring a high-energy blend of aggressive rock and melody, combining well-crafted songs with explosive dynamics to take their listener on a journey. With a solid rhythm section, distorted guitar, and two contrasting vocalists, Faded Leroy create their own soundscape borrowing elements from traditional rock n' roll, punk, and metal. With an emphasis on solid vocal melodies, catchy guitar hooks, and dynamic range, they deliver their own brand of rock, while also touching on themes such as self-reflection, conflict, and loss.
   In May of 2017, Faded Leroy released their second full length album, "Have Hope". On May 14, the first single, "Typecast", premiered on 100.3 the X. The members of the band are building on years of experience performing live with previous bands, and in a short time Faded Leroy has earned the privilege of sharing the stage with national acts such as Mushroomhead, Devour The Day, Trapt, Mushroomhead, Royal Bliss, Like A Storm, Crazytown, L.A. Guns, Enuff Z Nuff, Hell's Belles, Fit For Rivals, Last In Line, The Sunpilots, Fairy Bones, Chrysalis, The Nixon Rodeo, The Adarna and Wayland, as well as many of the region's finest bands. Faded Leroy take pride in professionalism and putting everything they have into their performances. 
   Together they tell the story of Faded Leroy, a forgotten soul in a not so distant future when civilization has fallen under the shadow of dark forces. Alone and stranded at an abandoned radio outpost, Leroy works tirelessly to broadcast himself and make contact with any surviving translators. As the darkest hour nears, Leroy hurtles towards what may be his most dangerous experiment yet...


"What can be declared definitively is that fairly new Boise band Faded Leroy uncorks the post-hardcore singing/shrieking vocal contrast like clockwork. If you're a fan of Hawthorne Heights, Pierce the Veil, Silverstein, etcetera - therefore not wincing during Faded Leroy's harsh laryngitis bouts - standout tracks such as album opener "Memes" and the dreamlike hidden track "Imaginarium" might feel well-conceived and powerful. Production flourishes give these songs polish. This isn't metal. It's midpaced, dynamic rock with enough inviting guitar hooks to keep things interesting. You'll even hear musical hints of old-school bands such as AFI and At the Drive-In scattered throughout typical life-challenging lyrical themes." - Michael Deeds, The Idaho Statesman
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"If you like your music borne of the realm between melodic hard rock and metal, high production values and hooky melodies and delivered via wrenching screams (and some singing), Days Between Stations, the debut full-length from local rock band Faded Leroy belongs in your library." - Amy Atkins, Boise Weekly
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"...Faded Leroy’s frontman Jeremy Cummings brought a power-packed performance to the stage with his explosive vocals and an expressive stage presence. The band seamlessly worked together to create an extremely passionate performance. Engaged and energized throughout their performance, the band had no reservations about the small crowd. Faded Leroy put on a show that was worthy of a much bigger venue. The band was down to earth and an all-around class act." - Michael Prentice, BSU University Pulse Radio
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"Faded Leroy kicked off the festivities with its own brand of punk-tinged rock and metalcore. The rhythm section of bassist Brian "Rasta" Lewis and drummer Beau Kolar was tight and steady. Harsh vocalist Jeremy Cummings got his screamo-Rain-Man-swerve on while guitarist and clean vocalist Brendan Nickel contrasted his straight-from-the-tractor visage with an energetic and charismatic performance. Nickel made his Gibson SG sing; the highlight of which came during a spaced out solo on the performance highlight, "The Quest", from the band's album, Days Between Stations." - Rustyn Rose, Examiner.com
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"Brendan Nickel is the heavy metal Doug Martsch!" - Jason Ringelstetter, Tonic Room Studios

"I get speed and strength from track 11!" - Bradley Lewis, age 5


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